It has been a long time since I dealt with CDW and I thought that I’d give them another try. They’ve gotten worse. First, I order a hard drive and pay 50 for overnight delivery. No problem. I don’t see my order in their system the next day so I call. 5 hours later I get a call back. “Oh gee, we can’t ship to The UPS Store so we couldn’t process your order.” Why don’t you just cancel the order and get it from Amazon, the dumb #$$@)(# says. Wow, maybe someone should have told me, or their system shouldn’t have let me place the order with that ship to address. As far as ordering from Amazon goes, I wouldn’t have used CDW if Amazon had it. So, the little twentysomething on the phone is just trying to get me out of his ***. Also, they *** sure took my $$ the same day that I created the order. OK. No problem. Change the ship to address. #@@)(*# says that he’ll change the ship to and call or e-mail me when he does. Yeah right. Never got an e-mail or call, but saw the next day that the order was now in CDW’s system and with the changed ship to address. Gee, that’s great. Now, the order is created 3 days after I submitted it. Unfortunately for me the hard drive is on backorder. Hmmm… Estimated ship date this Saturday. OK fine. Took a look Saturday. Item still on backorder and no estimated ship date now. (It’s now been 5 days since I placed the order.) Hmmm. Take a look for the item in CDW’s inventory. Gee, they have it in stock now, and for 80 more then I paid, but the button that says “click here to see how many we have in inventory” doesn’t work. Hmmm. My order still shows backordered though, with no ship date. Check the next day (now 6 days since I placed the order with the extra 50 for overnight shipping). The item is still in stock, and now it’s 16 less then I paid, and there’s no “click here to check to see how many we have in stock button”. Also, my order still says “backordered” with no estimated ship date. Now it all begins to come back to me. I remember why I swore that I would never order anything from CDW again. Unfortunately for me the last time that I ordered anything from them was about 15 years ago, and I forgot how screwed up their inventory and order processing was, not to mention how bad their customer service was.

Bottom line, use Newegg if they have your item. They’re the best.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Same happended to me All of a sudden CDW decided that using Shipping Store as shipping address equivalent to crime. Hello!!!

I thought the purpose of UPS Store. Shipping Store erc is just that- sending and receiving mail and packages.

Dont use CDW. Its not cosumer oriented


Try Using Pc Connection. They work with you to help solve your need and make sure you find the right solution.

I have an account manager,Hardi, she covers OH,WI,IL,IN,MO,IA. If you are in any of those states her number is 1800.800.0014 X86724


SHI has MUCH better customer service!


Thanks for the feedback on CDW. Been a while since I needed something or ordered from them, but your experience is good to know for the future.

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