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This report about Carli Foley is strictly my opinion based upon a business interaction that I personally had with her earlier today. Since she seems to enjoy undeservedly bashing small businesses such as mine on Yelp, I would consider her to be an internet troll and a social media terrorist, as well as a rotten and deadbeat customer.

When I called her and identified myself, she immediately hung up on me. I called her back and asked her the reason for the disconnect and she yelled because you are an *** and I hung up on you, that's why! What a lousy temperment this angry little millenial child has, She needs to be kept on a leash if she intends on going off on people as she did to me.

Carli, why are you resquesting online internet quotes from people and providing your real phone number if you are going to react in such a hostile manner when they call you to discuss business? Shame on you you loser!

I feel as though I am doing every small business out there a huge favor by alerting them to the horrible tempermant displayed by Carli Foley and I warn them that if they get on her bad side as I apparently did, she might resort to writing sleazy venom spewing and mud-slinging reviews about their businesses on that site for idiots known as Yelp.

Heaven help anyone who has to deal with this rotten deadbeat customer Carli Foley!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Omg I did and you’re right!! What a loser!!

Get this, so many people have looked this guy up he is the top pick on google!!! That takes some doing!! I read through four pages of what this guy has done. It’s not pretty!

How does he stay in business with so many complaints!! His arrests for EXTORTION should be a dead give away that this person can’t be trusted!! I would suggest to anyone who wishes to do business with this supposed gentleman do the research. He isn’t as trustworthy as he claims as evidenced by the pages of complaints.

Then when he is called on his lies and scams he gets overly aggressive and threatens to fight. He is 6ft 3in and under 200lbs. He has a horrible facial disfiguration, which is more then likely the basis for his aggression towards others. Be warned he has spent time in prison so he has had time and a knowledge base to become a better criminal.

This is all information that a simple google search will reveal. The body of work shown for this person should make any potential customer think twice.


You want your *** kicked *** Meet me somewhere then and we'll see what kind of facial disfiguration I give you. How about a busted nose just for starters?

Then I will go to work on your knee caps with a Makita power drill...just kidding...or am I? Who knows?


Bill (aka "anonymous", aka "hjrosenfeld", aka "ammie", etc), they'll let you have a Makita power drill when you soon go back to prison for the fifteenth time? Why not Wal-Mart brand, like your junky p.o.s cars and mail order "girlfriend" over in Boca Raton?

All those younger convicts are going to love your tough grandpa act in the stir, especially that map of Italy you've got tattooed to the left side of what passes for your face.

I'm sure the inmates will all be terrified of a 65 year old that posts anonymous complaints on the internet against young girls and posts endless fake positive reviews about his non existent car moving business. lol


This is my subjective opinion. Take 10 seconds and Google the name of the guy who filed this complaint, and his real name is all over this page, which was posted by many other commenters.

This way, you can clearly see who's in the wrong here, the whining crying report maker under yet another of his fake names, or the young lady he's wrongfully complaining about here in his latest fictitious report about someone that stood up to this geriatric psycho cyber bully. Buy popcorn and get your favorite drink ready as you Google his name, because it's going to be awhile, as you laugh in amazement at the dozens of pages of complaints about this repeat convicted felon nutcase from Boca Raton Florida.

He must be a narc or something, because Florida law enforcement seems to be too scared to touch this guy lately and lets him get away with all kinds of things that anyone else would be arrested for and back in prison. Get ready to spit out your drink as you look at his police arrest mugshot photos, of which there are plenty, but don't eat while you're looking at his deformed face.


Shut the *** up you anonymous retard.


Omg this juvenile child again?? We’re we not rid of you?

It’s a public site so try and use a bit more of a filter. Your comments are nothing but insults.

Is that really the best you can do? Can you have an adult discussion without stopping to childish name calling?


I was referring of course to the mother of "anonymous".


When are we gonna meet in person *** What a coward you are. Come out of hiding you keyboard warrior.


"when are we gonna meet in person" says the guy hiding behind the fictitious name "hjrosenfeld" to pick on a girl 50 years younger than u billy. Newsflash to grandpa scarface, a 2 year old would embarass you so bad, by the time you woke up that cheap hunk of junk car of yours in boca raton would be back in style


She looks like she's up to no good in that picture!


What a stooopid comment. You'd better worry about the guy who posted this phoney stalkey review, Bill Avrich of Boca Raton Florida, the owner of Transport Connection. Take a look at google for his many felony arrest mugshot police photos and dozens of pages of complaints about him.


Remember trolls...nothing that you idiots write will distract from the above review which will always remain on the top of the page. Give it all the attention you want because you are just boosting the blog's rankings on Google.

Every time you make a comment I will respond. You will never get the last word with me.


What's that, "hjroselfeld" aka Bill Avrich of Boca Raton Florida, owner of "Transport Connection"? We will never get the last word with you?

Think again, mugshot boy. Lol.


WHO are these Internet trolls "Durpa" and "Anonymous", that keep responding to this report that has absolutely NOTHING to do with them? In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain.

Both the noun and the verb form of "troll" is associated with Internet discourse. However, the word has also been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, the mass media have used "troll" to mean "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families".

What is a internet troll? An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content.

What does it mean to troll on social media? A social media troll, by definition, is someone who creates conflict on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit by posting messages that are particularly controversial or inflammatory with the sole intent of provoking an emotional (read: angry) response from other users.


Bill Avrich from boca raton Florida. Found the review about you on RoR.’seems you have a pattern of abusing anyone whom displeases you by posting about you online. I guess all that bad touch in prison made a impression.


There is no Bill Avrich mentioned in this review about Carli Foley. You have your facts all wrong and obviously have some mental problems and these issues should be addressed immediately.

Perhaps you need to visit a psychiatrist to either be put on the appropriate medication for your particular diagnosis, or if you are already on medication, have your meds adjusted. This might be an early onset of Alzheimer's Disease which is a very serious condition that should not be ignored.


Hey "hjrosenfeld", then use your real name, sc*rfaced c*ward. For others reading this, the person posting as "Anonymous" on December 25 2018 is correct, and one quick Google search will show there's no coincidence between the nasty writing styles.

Check out Google images of the huge facial deformity on the left side of his face in his several arrest photos and mugshot photos, lol. That's probably why he hates the world and shows it in his hateful bitter behavior, calling others what he himself is and very, very wrongfully thinking he is above the law but is always crying about suing people.

#1618580 still trolling out there?


Any more of you little scum-puppies out there? Bring it on...I'm board.



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